• Let's Make Change Happen. Together.

    We help legal, regulatory, technology & PE/VC sectors identify and deliver opportunities for digital change and transformation.

  • Sectors.

    We are focused on...


    In-house legal and regulatory teams, law firms, ALSPs, corporate governance services rely on us to identify and deliver opportunities to optimise, digitize and right-size operations, processes, and service delivery. From strategy to implementation, we help optimise current state, select, source and implment new tools, or 


    We support a range of B2B & B2C SaaS, Cloud, IoT, IT Services, Telecoms & eCommerce vendors plus  RegTech, LegalTech, EdTech & FinTech firms on identifying market opportunities and insights, aligning offerings with customer needs, develop new products and services, and optimise operations. 


    We help governance service providers including law firms, accounting firms, corporate, trust and fiduciary services firms to drive efficiencies, mitigate risks and improve client service delivery with new technologies, outsourcing and operational improvements 

  • Value Creation

    Working with businesses to develop and implement tailored solutions that generate necessary change for business growth and prosperity.


    Empowering businesses and investors to make informed investment decisions based on rich insights and market analysis and a robust assessment of business’s digital capabilities.

    Transaction Advisory 

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  • Insight

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  • Analytics + Tech + Commercial Expertise = Client Success

    We're the strategic partner you want when:

    • You are considering options to adopt document automation solutions but not sure which vendor to hire makes sense, how to negotiate the best deal, and how to successfully implement;

    • A cybersecurity, regulatory change or business continuity crisis demands a more automated approach to client on-boarding and KYC/AML;

    • Senior management and the board wish to better understand sector technology and sourcing trends, disruptive start-ups and innovation opportunities for potential investment;

    • Your Client Partner or Lead is evaluating how to use new technologies and simplify business processes to improve the client-delivery experience including self-service portals, analytics and spend management tools;

    • The CXOs are not happy with the ongoing poor service delivery performance of a critical IT and services vendor, and wish to benchmark alternative solutions and understand contract renegotiation strategies;

    • The CFO or PE owners mandate a review of technology vendor performance and a restructuring of the IT cost base

    • The CIO wants to improve the technology procurement life-cycle process or needs to reposition a more strategic role for technology investments and change portfolio 

    • The Board are investigating M&A partners and need commercial due diligence on the target's IT assets

  • Expertise

    Here is a sample of areas we help Legal, Risk and Governance service providers


    Systems Implementation | Outsourcing | Shared Services | Centre of Excellence | Managed Services | Professional Services | Project Services | M&A IT Integrations 


    Cloud | Digital | Enterprise Software | Document Automation | Workflow Tools | Mobility | Search | Analytics |  Business Intelligence | eCommerce | Marketplaces 


    Matter Management | Billing | AML-KYC | Time | CRM | Client On-Boarding | eDiscovery | Cybersecurity | Practice Management | Contract Management | Knowledge | Collaboration Tools

  • Case Studies

    View recent projects where we solve complex technology & business challenges

    SOURCING: Risk System Procurement for International Corporate & Legal Services Firm

    We were engaged by the Group COO to source the right software solution and services partner to automate the manual client on-boarding & risk (KYC/AML) processes across 8 office locations. Based on client requirements, we produced selection criteria, conducted vendor due diligence including benchmarking of competing vendors/service providers, 3rd party customer interviews, advised the client during the selection process, and negotiated final contracts to close.

    BENCHMARKING: Vendor and Solution Analysis for an Internet of Things (IoT) Software Business Unit of an International Telco

    Following M&A of a recently acquired IoT Platform start-up based in Denmark, we were engaged to develop a new Product Strategy & Go-To-Market plan. We conducted rigorous analysis of the current solution, market, competitors, buyer preferences & executive team members to support strategic options for product & go-to-market improvements. Finally, we developed an implementation plan containing a set of requirements and operating model improvements required to successfully deliver.

    DUE DILIGENCE: Commercial Due Diligence (CDD) for a VC-backed Billing and Subscription Management Platform Start-Up

    We were engaged by the CFO to review & shape current strategy ahead of bridge round fundraising, including the viability of existing & new products in development. We provided recommendations after gathering data from our custom CDD survey tool, senior team interviews, analysis of internal plans, secondary data sources, & customer-focused product review

    STRATEGY: Technology & Innovation Strategy for a Big4

    Accounting Firm

    We were engaged by the Advisory Lead Partner to develop strategic options & recommendations for a new firm-wide Technology and Innovation Strategy. This required rigorous analysis of internal/external factors including market/client potential, global network offerings & capabilities, executive team interviews, IT vendor partner evaluation & digital skills audit

  • "Andrew and his team at ROCKET + COMMERCE delivered immediate impact by getting started quickly, unlocking new insight, and accelerating critical changes for a new Go-To-Market strategy to improve the commercialisation of a new Enterprise IoT SaaS business we recently acquired" -


    UK Strategy Director, Global Telecoms Operator

  • Solutions

    We make it easy to get started with various flexible models


    Agree a project to solve a critical business

    challenge on a day rate or fixed fee basis


    Short-term leadership e.g. Strategy,

    COO, Transformation, Business Change


    Build high-performing leaders and teams

    Non-Exec Director

    Add independence & new

    skills to your Board


  • Technologies

    We have deep business and IP/IT expertise in the following domains


    From AI to Online




    GDPR, Privacy, CRM &

    Business Intelligence


    Risk management

    solutions and software


    Workflow and business

    process management

    Enterprise SaaS

    Customer experience,

    APIs & integrations


    IT Outsourcing

    From applications maintainance

    to telco network infrastructure


    Worker productivity tools

    & data migration

    Internet of Things

    Device, connectivity, analytics

    and applications platforms

    Service Management

    IT service management

    and operations


    Enterprise and

    B2C mobility


    Sharing economy and

    P2P marketplaces


    Intellectual property

    & legal issues

  • Strategy + Execution

    We have expertise advising clients on end-to-end value-creation, strategy development and execution to drive growth and profitability.


    We typically assist clients on new strategic initiative development, evaluation of existing plans or projects, or provide rapid intervention or acceleration where required.



    • Corporate and Business Strategy
    • Product Strategy + Marketing
    • Business Innovation + Growth 
    • Technology, Operations + People 
    • Digital Strategy + Transformation
    • Customer Engagement + Loyalty 
    • Go-To-Market + Sales Strategy 
    • Marketing, Brand + Communications
    • New Product Development 
    • Business Models + Pricing 
    • Strategic Partnerships
    • Business Intelligence 


    • Business Change Readiness
    • Projects, Programmes and Change  
    • Operating Model Optimisation 
    • New Skills and Capabilities 
    • Governance, Metrics + Skills
    • Culture + Behaviours
    • Performance Management 

  • Research + Insight Methods

    We have expertise in designing and executing high-quality research across a variety of methods:

    • Surveys and Questionaries 
    • In-Depth Interviews
    • Online Focus Groups
    • Benchmarking 
    • Product + User Testing
    • Jobs-To-Be-Done
    • Non-Customer Analysis 
    • Target Partner Site-Visits 
    • Benchmarking